"We understand that each and every person is unique and wonderful in their own right"

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Understanding the needs of our members is the cornerstone of the services we offer.

ElderBuds! delivers multiple service offerings to allow for greater independence and quality of life.

Service offerings include:

Comprehensive needs assessment: we understand that each and every person is unique and wonderful in their own right.  Developing a care plan starts with a comprehensive needs assessment to gain insights into the unique qualities, challenges, and needs of our members.  From this assessment the Senior Care or Elder Care Service Plan can be created.

Independence Check In:
maintaining independence is important as members initiate care or is introduced to a Senior Care or Elder plan.  This service ensures that members have indoor and outdoor necessities taken care of along with continued contact to ensure a quality of life.  In-home services with ElderBuds! allows for independence and the quality care needed for our members.

Companion Activity services: continued human interaction is importance for a sense of wellbeing.  This service offers companionship within the home and out.  Members enjoy this opportunity to keep in touch with their social interaction need.  Senior Care and Elder Care plans provide companionship for all.

Compassionate In-home Non-medical services:
robust service offering that ensures all aspects of care are handled professionally and compassionately.  Caregivers provide all aspects of in-home care that does not require medical services.  Elder Care that provides the highest quality in-home non medical care.

Live in and over night services:
for members that need steady and continued compassionate care.  Our Caregivers are available to offer continued care 24/7 to meet specific needs of members. ElderBuds! live in and overnight services offer the highest quality elder Care to our members.

Travel Companion services:
for the active Senior that doesn’t want to travel alone or for the Elder needing assistance during travel time.  Our Caregivers are along for the trip to ensure all goes well.  Senior Care and Elder Care means keeping members active!

Moving, Relocation, and Packing services:
moving or relocation can be a trying time.  Moving companies are often expensive and not understanding of the needs for Seniors and Elders.  This service provides an onsite Caregiver or multiple Associates to enable Members to be cared for, represented, and feel secure that their needs are taken care of for a successful move.  Senior Care and Elder Care through ElderBuds! allows for independence and stability during life’s everyday challenges.

Nutritional Needs services:
nutrition is of the greatest importance during this time for our members.  Caregivers partner with our Nutritionists to ensure a specific meal plan meets member’s needs.  Nutritionist can also be enacted on an as needed basis for continued support.

Physical activity services:
staying active at various levels can provide a continued quality if life.  Our caregivers can provide in-home exercises or get members moving outside of the home.  It is important for members receiving in-home care to remain active with physical activity. 

Ombudsman and advocacy support:
our members often need a voice and we can support them in this need. ElderBuds! calls on an extensive background in conflict resolution to ensure your voice is heard.